Clinically Proven Super-Hydrating, Protecting & Healing CBD Cream (250mg)

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Mild and Soothing Perfect for Skin Pampering

We call it mild from a CBD perspective, and call it extra-strong when it comes to the premium ingredients we use. Clinically and scientifically proven to improve skin health, our signature formulation includes ingredients such as Theobroma cacao, terpenes, and Ylang Ylang oil (to name a few) will leave your hands feeling silky smooth and hydrated.  

Bottles: 1 x 50ml


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03 Sep 2021
Sabrina M.
United States United States
Best CBD cream

This CBD cream has changed my life. This was a reorder and I will continue to keep reordering it

18 May 2021
Ashley G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Lush cream

Inexpensive when you consider the ingredients and CBD. I love it as part of my daily skin care routine.

01 Mar 2021
Fay D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Very happy.

I suffer with arthritis in my hands and this cream has really helped give me some relief, where prescribed creams have not. Leaves my hands very soft too.

01 Mar 2021
Sheyvonne H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Love the smell!

Really great cream overall, the smell is lovely and very moisturising. The bottle is perfect size to keep in my bag. Thank you!


If you have a skin condition such as atopic eczema or psoriasis that causes patches of skin that are sore, cracked and itchy, we would recommend one of our higher strength CBD offerings to help better combat these conditions as a higher CBD dose offers more of the anti-inflammatory properties associated with CBD. Depending on the skin condition, we recommend one of our 500mg or 1000mg More Life Creams if soothing and restoring acne and psoriasis is your main objective. Some of our customers have even found our 3000mg and 4000mg creams to work very well also.

 Boat & Mane CBD More Life Creams® are the only CBD creams in the UK to be Clinically Tested and Proven.

 As a result of our clinical tests (which where tested on a variety  of skin types) the vast majority of patients found that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties mixed with our signature Theobroma Cacao and Ylang Ylang Oils did help to fight breakouts and inflammations and thus reducing skin irritations, damage and soreness assocaited with psoriasis and acne as well as helping to sooth, restore and repair skin over regular use.

Numerous studies have demonstrated CBD’s strong anti-inflammatory properties, which means it has a lot of promise for skin conditions with inflammatory symptoms such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.
CBD works in many different ways and effects everyone differently. Although this cream has 200mg of CBD, it has been formulated for as an everyday cream. Our advise would be to try one of our 1000mg, 3000mg or 4000mg ranges if you are looking for more deep muscle/joint relief and recovery.
While a lot of research into CBD and skincare needs to be done, it is known that CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant and can help alleviate oxidative stress in skin cells, reducing the visible signs of ageing.
Yes they are! Our More Life Creams® have more than just CBD in them. Our aim from the get-go was to create a cream that could hold it's own with or without CBD and set out to create a CBD cream in the UK that would have beneficial skin healing and repairing qualities for atopic and normal skin. As a result our creams not only have the beneficial (and proven) skin healing properties of Theobroma Cacao, but also of Ylang Ylang Oil and Eucalyptol which is the main scent of our creams. We have worked very hard with our lab team to bring you a cream that is among the very best, with or without the CBD.
Yes! As we are a UK based company, our CBD More Life Creams® are created, manufactured and packaged in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves by being one of the very few companes that sell CBD Oils, CBD Cosmetic Creams and CBD Serums that are all manufactured in the UK and as a result you can be sure our products are of the highest quality possible.

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Daily Skin Vitality CBD Cream 200mg & 250mg 

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If you fine your skin requires more CBD to fully heal or cure than our 200 or 250mg CBD creams, then we would suggest one of our stronger CBD creams such as our 1000mg creams which have garnered great results for many of our customers and is one of our best selling UK CBD cream to buy.  

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Released in 2020, our 500mg More Life Creams are versatile and effective at hydrating and soothing dry and damaged skin and are a great option for mild skin condition such as atopic eczema or psoriasis as the 500mg of CBD helps to sooth and repair the soreness and pain associated with these conditions. Safe to say these work wonders on your skin if you simply have dry hands and are looking for an excellent, quick absorbing, not-greasy, all natural and premium ingredient filled cream.

Skin, Muscle & Joint Relief Cream 1000mg

One of our best selling creams, our customers simply love the CBD levels in this cream as 1000mg CBD can be very useful for a number of conditions and uses from damaged psoriasis eczema skin and/or for joints and muscles to relief pain and stiffness associated with sports and other physical activites. We have found our customers have also had great success when using with Arthritis due to the higher CBD per dose content our 1000mg cream offers. 

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Fusing together some of the benefits of our 500mg and 1000mg creams, our 3000mg More Life Creams have been specially formulated with arthritis, joint and muscle recovery and relief in mind. If you are of the older generation, and or you do a lot of phyical exercise and conditioning, then this is the cream for you. It will leave your sore or pain-points feeling revitalised and soothed, a must have in any recovery arsenal and regime. A truely holistic cream, our 3000mg CBD More Life Creams offer superior pain relief and recovery for all type of skin, muscle and joint conditions. Both our 3000mg and 4000mg More Life Creams carry our signature Theobroma Cacao and essential oil formulation leaving your body feel amazingly hydrated, painfree and revived.  

Arthritis Stiffness, Atopic Eczema or Psoriasis Soothing & Ultra-Strong CBD Cream 4000mg

Our Boat & Mane CBD Deep Muscle & Joint Relief is a versatile cream offering a very pure and very concentrated dose per pump of the finest CBD - if there is a pinnacle of CBD creams, you have found it. Worth it's weight in gold, our customers have had much success using this CBD cream holistically, and have found great success when using for pain and swelling associated with arthritis and stiffness in 1 or more joints. Other customers have found joy when using high concentrations of CBD on atopic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as our ultra-strong CBD content helps to hydrate and sooth dry skin. Our Theobroma cacao and terpene combination (amongst other amazing ingredients) give for a super luxurious experience for your skin and body. Theobroma cacao and terpenes have been proven for centuries to be excellent for skin and body rejuvination and health and so we manage to make this work really well with our superior pure high-strengh CBD for a super strong dose of cream you can use holistically for More Life. 

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